Reception is the first year where our children really get to explore their reading and writing journey

Children enter with a love of stories from sharing books in nursery and leave wanting to read to you

Along the way children settle quickly into school life developing their personal and social, physical and communication skills through play. Developing skills in those areas gives them the confidence to learn new maths, reading and writing skills.

We do all of this through topics to broaden their knowledge of the world. These include:
Story Tellers:
We enjoyed familiar stories and classic stories such as sleeping beauty. We were able to retell these stories and talk about the characters. We learnt lots of new words and enjoyed a classical ball where by we all dressed as princesses and princes.

Over the term we compared lots of different celebrations and discovered that most celebrations around the world all involve feasts, dancing and sharing time with family and friends.
During the topic we have learnt about many professions including doctors, police and vets. This not only helped us to understand how these people help us but also inspired us to do these jobs when we are older.

Growth and Change:
This spring based topic helps us to understand how we grow and change. We will look at plants and animals and see how they change and gro. We have had enjoyed looking after butterflies and watching them change from caterpillars to butterflies.

Children will look at many different types of transport from around the world and look at how we travel over land, sea and air.

Around the World:
We will look at many different stories from around the world to help us broaden our experience and develop an interest in new people.

Reception Welcome Pack – September 2016
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