Year 6

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The final year at Redhill & a very busy one too.

In Year 6, the main focus without doubt is making the most of students last year in primary school as well as making sure that our students are well prepared for high school.

In Year 6, we continue to have a broad and balanced curriculum as we work towards the completion of the Key Stage Two programme of study and prepare for secondary school. We also have SAT’s which are not as scary as people think!

We encourage children in Year 6 to take more decisions around their learning to build learner resilience in preparation of secondary school.

Our Learning Journey is a collection of themes where we study all the objectives in the National Curriculum such as History, Geography, Art and Design and Technology.

Here are the themes we use in Year 6 to ensure there is progression throughout their time at Redhill. We run our journey over 2 years (Cycle A and Cycle B) between Year 5 and Year 6.

Cycle A

Out of Africa

Moving People

Making New Materials

Being Human

Weather and Climate

AD 900

Cycle B

Mission to Mars

Black Coal (Local study)

The Great, The Brave and The Bold

What Price Progress

Weather and Climate

Express yourself