Year 5

Year 5 begins the final two years of life at Redhill Primary School

The school provides amazing opportunities for children to develop their resilience and responsibilities through a range of experiences.

Children develop knowledge and understanding through: creative experiential learning, school trips, residential visits and learning through real life experiences.

Throughout Year 5 the children study:

The Great, the Bold and the Brave
In this theme, the children delve into the history of western civilisation beginning with the Greeks and the Romans. They study architecture and design and build their own models of ancient buildings as well as producing cross-curricular leaflets about tourism.

Mission to Mars
Going to Mars is a real physical challenge! Year 5 complete a Space Cadet Bootcamp (activities to become astronauts) whilst studying the Solar System and making 3D models of our planets. During the Exit Point, children develop their knowledge of the Science and Geography behind life beyond our planet. Other opportunities include visiting a Space Centre and designing and building a Space Rover from a given specification.

Weather and Climate
Looking at the way our planet changes through the seasons is a brilliant way to introduce this theme. Learning about the physical nature of the planet: cloud names, cloud formation, the water cycle and the development of tornadoes and natural weathering disasters, the children predict and carry out scientific experiments. The children also learn about the difference in weather and climate and how this affects our lives and lifestyles.

3D Designers
Google sketch-up, Build with Chrome and Scratch are just a few of the programs the children learn to master. In this theme, children are able to create their own quizzes and games; design their own 3D building; learn about how computers have transformed the work of architects and engineers and look at architectural requirements of building for the future.

Growing Up
This theme prepares us for the changes that happen as we grow up and we become more aware of our bodies both inside and out. Children also create their own flour babies that they look after for the entire half term.

Making New Materials
During the final term of Year 5, the children discover the amazing materials that can be shaped, combined, condensed, frozen, melted and burned. On their mission to become cooks, chemists and creators of new materials the children take part in a range of science experiments.