Society curriculum - including religious education

What is our Society Curriculum?

The needs of our children and the community they live in require a bespoke package which weaves the delivery our Society Curriculum into everyday life. We have created a curriculum which takes the best resources from a range of providers and uses them for purpose and impact. Some of the resources are from: PSHE Association, PSHE Jigsaw, Discovery R.E., Rights Respecting Schools and Votes 4 Schools.

We believe that our curriculum should reflect and represent the society within which the children live so it will change and grow accordingly. If local, national or global events influence their society, then our curriculum should reflect this change and adapt.

Our Society curriculum is always relevant and not endlessly reactive.


Why Integrate RE?

The rationale for combining the teaching of R.E. under the umbrella of ‘Society’ was taken after a working party analysed the current provision of all resources. The skills taught and the knowledge acquired within R.E. and PSHE lessons are interchangeable and by teaching children how different skills are transferable to different situations, we hope that the application of their learning becomes commonplace. 

R.E. is still taught as a specific subject with learning objectives-the outcomes of which are recorded in whole-class floorbooks. Despite our blended approach to teaching R.E. and PSHE, staff and children are aware of the specific learning objectives for each element.


Why Discovery RE?

Jan Lever (Discovery R.E.) has provided an overview of how Discovery R.E. meets the standards set in the Staffordshire syllabus.


At Redhill, we understand that we are crucial in the development of our children’s worldview and how they may be successful in life.

We intend to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child so that they can retrieve and use knowledge long after they leave us in Year 6. We are developing a bespoke curriculum which incorporates guidance given on RSE, PSHE, Religious Education and elements of Computing.

As a result of this, Redhill children will develop healthier attitudes towards life; understand and value positive and respectful relationships and have the resources and self-care strategies needed to support both their physical and mental health. Our curriculum is focussed on providing a prevention education rather than a reactive education. By explicitly teaching about their rights as a child, Redhill children will leave Year 6 more confident as they become morally, culturally and socially curious in our culturally rich and diverse world.

We aim to give our children the confidence they need to be morally, culturally and socially curious in our culturally rich and diverse world.




Society is a multifaceted curriculum and because of this, we employ a range of methods to implement our Intent. We have developed a clear and comprehensive curriculum map which works in line with the National Curriculum and uses a healthy range of resources to supplement provision. 



Because of the nature of our Society lessons, the physical production of work for the sake of work is not encouraged. We value honest and thought-provoking conversations between peers and classes. Where appropriate, children record their learning in ways such as tables and charts, posters and leaflets and through whole school projects.

Our children arrive at school ready to learn and have the emotional literacy to express thoughts, feelings and concerns. Our staff and children have positive relationships which encourages teaching of the highest quality in all aspects of the curriculum. Coupled with a robust pastoral care and a rigorous safeguarding system, Redhill children are cared for and care for themselves, their community and their impact on the wider world.

By the time children leave Redhill in Year 6, they will have awareness of self-esteem and value their place in the world in a school environment where they feel safe and have their rights respected by adults and peers. They will challenge prejudice and foster inclusivity by being tolerant and rights-respecting citizens. Through our curriculum, we believe that we prepare our children for the next stage in their education as well as the wider world.

The Future

The far-reaching impact of our Society curriculum won't be felt for years to come as our children continue on their path to reshape their world.

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