Year 3

Year 3 is the children’s first step into key stage 2 and offers as many challenges as it does opportunities for fun.

In English, we study texts including: Traction Man, The colour of Home, The wishing star and The journey home. These texts will provide experiences for children to explore different cultures and environmental issues, amongst other themes.

Active Planet
This theme focuses on huge earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis that devastate communities across wide areas. The children particularly enjoyed creating their own model volcanoes for a home-school project, painting active volcanoes and watching videos of live eruptions.

Scavengers and Settlers
Humans are special. Unlike other animals, we can adapt and learn new skills in order to survive, which is exactly what our ancestors did in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. Year 3 were fascinated by how Prehistoric people lived and we even managed to invite parents in for a Prehistoric showcase!

Feel the Force
Without forces to push and pull us along, nothing on Earth or in the wider Universe would move. Forces are so important that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without them – and yet, they are invisible. We can’t see them but we can feel and experience them.

The Nature of Life
From frogspawn to frogs, from caterpillars to butterflies and from seeds to plants, all living things grow and change, they feed and reproduce until eventually they die so that the cycle of life can continue for a new generation. Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed a school visit to ‘Birches Valley’ where they took part in a ‘Nature’ scavenger hunt. It was beneficial for them to see creatures in their natural habitats.

Digital Gamers
Have you ever thought about how the computer games you enjoy playing are actually made? Where do you think the ideas come from? Do you think just one person is responsible for designing a computer game or could it be more? Computer games are big business, but what’s involved in the process of designing, coding and creating them? Let’s find out!

How Humans work
Your body is like an engine that never stops working. By knowing how the body works we can learn to look after it better and stay healthy. Do you know how to look after your eyes, ears, teeth, heart, bones and muscles? Let’s find out.

Gateway to the world
Everyday millions of people take to the skies, making journeys in airplanes. Air travel helps to connect people around the world.