Year 1

Year 1 is a very exciting year with the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Here children will have their first experience of more formal learning. Some of the main focuses are to support children for their National Phonics screening and getting Stage 2 ready.

Throughout the year, we are studying lots of interesting topics including:

Flowers and Insects

We will be exploring our environment including plants and insects. We are introduced to our class pet, where we learn to take care of different animals, and learn about life cycles of living things. We also explore deeper how plants and animals support us in living and eating.

Time Travellers

For this topic we need to step back in time and become history detectives. We have to find and solve the clues to unlock the mysteries and meaning of past events.


There are structures around us all the time, some of which we barely notice. What are they made from? What is their purpose? What do you notice about their shapes? What can be done to make them stronger? Through this unit you will become builders and discover secrets to holding up bridges and skyscrapers.

How are you

We are very lucky in this class because we are all healthy. What things make us healthy? We are going to find out because we want to do everything we can to stay healthy.

Say Cheese

We are surrounded by images of people and places – on TV, in magazines and online. But have you ever thought about who takes these pictures, and what equipment they use? In this unit we’ll be learning how to take the perfect picture and capture some memorable moments, just like a professional photographer

Hooray…Lets go on Holiday

Holidays are special days when we take a rest from school and work. Our holidays in the past were very different from holidays today. Now that travel to all parts of the world and even space is possible, who knows where we will go for our holidays in the future?