Progress is a priority

The Senior Leadership team make our children's progress a priority.

Redhill began designing a new assessment programme in 2013.

Getting to grips with the 2014 Curriculum has been a challenge but the impact on raising standards is highly recognised – particularly in our children’s key skills. The introduction of the 2014 Curriculum saw the removal of levels as a way of reporting children’s attainment.

We now talk about A.R.E.s (Age Related Expectations). At Redhill we have clear expectations about what children should attain by the end each year group. We also use Standardise Tests to assess children’s ability. We use these to measure Speaking and Listening, Reading, Spelling and Mathematics.

As a school we have clear expectations for the end of each year group.

We work robustly with 7 other local schools to moderate (check) our judgments on a monthly basis. This means we can be secure in our judgments and teachers are confident in the expected standards.

National curriculum documentation

As a school (years 1-6) we work directly from the documentation outlined in the national curriculum.

We refer to each year group as a STAGE.

For example: Year 1 assessments are gauged against Stage 1.
In the autumn term we would expect an ‘average’ child in Year 1 to be emerging into Stage 1 by Christmas, by Easter to be developing at Stage 1 and to be securing Stage 1 by the end of Year 1.

For our more able students there is the opportunity to work at greater depth where they apply their learning at this stage. These children would be deemed to be working at Stage 1 Mastery.

For children working below their year group we would be ensuring that they were becoming secure in the stages below.

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