Year 2

Year 2 – This year so far in year two has been fun and enjoyable, the children have taken part in many activities that have been designed to support their specific needs, such as Researching people of the past.

Within this area of study children have had the opportunity to dress up as famous people from the past, they created a wide selection of artwork using the style used by famous artists, using maps made by the children they plotted the journeys made by famous explorers and also we researched and compared the differences between modern day life and the lives of the people throughout history.

The tasks in this unit provided the children with opportunities to compare and contrast the civilisations and technologies available at different times in history, as well as delivering the children with a heightened understanding of society.

During the second Autumn term the children began their journey into the exciting and adventurous world of the Magic Toymaker, many cross-curricular links were included into this terms study giving the children the opportunity to use their knowledge, ability and individual flair throughout a wide range of activities. Children guided by the Magic Toymaker investigated toys from the Victorian era, using these toys they were able to compare and contrast the positives and negatives of given toys when comparing them with their modern equivalents.

To support this investigation the children had the opportunity to participate in a trip to the Cannock Toy Museum. During this trip the children had the opportunity to participate in street games from the past, create their own toys using craft materials and take a detailed tour of the museum giving the year two children a practically focused understanding of the