Welcome to Nursery!

We are so glad you have joined us for your child’s first steps into education.

Over the year, we use play based activities to help us to explore, investigate, test and expand our knowledge of the world. We endeavor to provide challenging, interesting learning opportunities in a safe and caring environment. At Redhill, we aim to create imaginative, critical and independent learners, who are ready for school and life long learning.

Over the year we will develop our early skills exploring the themes of:

  • Autumn 1 Storytellers – Discovering and Performing nursery rhymes and favorite stories.
  • Autumn 2 Celebrations – Special times and how these events are celebrated in different cultures.
  • Spring 1 People Who Help Us – Familiar people who help us in school at home and in our community.
  • Spring 2 Growth and Change – Noticing change in the environment and how we have developed over time.
  • Summer 1 Travel and Transport – exploring technology and features of our local community.
  • Summer 2 Around the World – Celebrating diversity and comparing environments and cultures.
In partnership with parents, we have a dedication to ensure all children develop their basic skills in spoken language, reading, writing and mathematics.

We particularly aim to build up physical strength and fine motor control to ensure children are ready to write. In nursery, we create early readers. We not only learn to recognise, hear and say simple phonics sounds but we develop a passion for stories and widening our vocabulary.

Promoting independence with personal care and healthy practices as well as developing basic life skills is really important to us in nursery. We enjoy watching children develop their own personal identity and building their self esteem. We aim to utalise their strengths and interests to develop and progress their skills further getting them ready to enter into Reception.

We learn to follow our classroom and school rule of “Take Care” with our friend Timmy the Turtle. We try to take care of our school building and resources, take care to listen to others and form an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Nursery Welcome Pack – September 2016