Y3 – Ukulele Lessons



Today (21st May), was a very exciting day at Redhill as Year 3 had their first ever peripatetic music lesson! We had two music teachers, Mr Walker and Mr Dean come and start our ukulele lessons!

Year 3 made their new music teachers very welcome and the class made sure that they were ready, respectful and safe by showing brilliant listening skills as well as rhythm, as they played their ukuleles in time to the beat.

They used language such as ‘strings’, ‘notes’, ‘beats’, ‘rhythm’ and ‘fret’ as they learnt more about their new instrument. The class learnt that the strings are GCEA with the saying ‘good children eat apples’. They also discovered that if you move your hand up and down the fret, then the sound is higher and lower.

Miss Dodd popped down to listen and see how the lesson was going. She was so proud of how everyone had their Antlers on and were trying their best. The children were learning how to hold their ukuleles and also how to strum them.


Learning new skills...


Year 3 had a wonderful first lesson and can’t wait to play again. Here is just a snippet of their morning-

“It was very good. I have never played a ukulele before but I have played the guitar. We learnt how to change the note to high and low.” 

“My favourite part was when we did ‘the dog had fleas’ song and we clapped it first and then we played. I really liked it when we played altogether.”- 

“I really enjoyed our lesson. We learnt how to use the neck of the ukulele as I hadn’t learnt how to do that before. When I am older I want to play the guitar as my Uncle has them and I love playing them.”-