Red Nose Day 2021





Friday 19th March 2021 saw Red Nose Day at Redhill again. This year children followed the theme of the great outdoors. Each year group participated in an outdoor learning activity.

Children in Robins and Nursery enjoyed gathering natural items and decorating a red nose. ‘It was nice to hear the children copy language such as leaf, twig, tree, prickly, green, brown, dry, crispy and crunchy,’ Mrs Jukes reported.

Reception class used natural items to make musical instruments. Miss Dodd was thrilled that many of the children tried to make instruments they had been learning about. Mrs Vukmirovic was particularly impressed how the children stayed safe with the sticks.

In year 1 children worked with a partner to create homes for this year’s red nose characters. They had great fun working together using the materials in our mini woods. Year 2 made picture frames using sticks from the woods. In the afternoon children painted pictures of the red nose characters to add to their picture frame.

Mrs Hillman reports year 3 had an amazing time finding leaves to make their names. Children in year 4 made obstacle courses for their red noses. Mr Thompson said it was a great opportunity for children to use their Teamwork antler and work creatively.

Year 5 used the newly cut trees to make dens. They declared it to be ‘the best day ever’. Year 6 got their creative juices flowing by making clay faces using natural materials.

We ended the day with a virtual assembly where each class told us about their activity and shared a joke.

A fabulous day was had by all. The only complaint of the day– it wasn’t long enough!

A huge thank you for all of the donations we raised £87.