Staffordshire Police Commissioner’s People Power Fund

Staffordshire Police Commissioner’s People Power Fund

Redhill Primary School are delighted to have been awarded the sum of £3000 from Staffordshire Police Commissioner’s People Power Fund.

The fund empowers local groups to find solutions to community safety problems and in the case of Redhill school will enable pupils aged 5 – 11 the opportunity to take part in a range of activities during forthcoming school holidays by means of a sports camp provided by staff from the Progressive Sports.

The award came following a successful bid to Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis by the school’s former sport and community coordinator Paul Mobberley and endorsed by PCSO Laura Mancicius who has been involved in numerous initiatives with the school over the last year including weekly visits to teach the older pupils about citizenship.As part of the grant endorsement PCSO Mancicius said:

“During the school holidays we can experience a higher volume of anti-social behaviour in Cannock including the area which includes Redhill Primary. One of the causes of this is that the children do not have anything to occupy themselves. The award of the People Power Funding will show children the benefits of a safe, structured environment in which to channel their energy, time and enthusiasm. Teaching children the key principles of respect, active competition and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Enabling children to benefit by working alongside role models and enabling them to learn confidence, self esteem and the correct values at a formative age.

The scheme, will involve coaches from Progressive Sports coming into school at least two days a week during the school holidays delivering a range of sports activities for the children. Redhill School already has strong links with Progressive Sports and achieved much sporting success last year by being the first school in the area to gain Sportsmark Gold and individual successes including the school netball team ending the year as the district champions and an Awards for All grant to develop facilities. The Police Comisssioner’s funding will enable such initiatives and successes to hopefully develop even further.

Staffordshire Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis visited Redhill Primary on Wednesday 14th December to meet some of the pupils, find out more about the project and present the cheque. Congratulating the school on it’s work Mr Ellis described Redhill Primary as having a ‘motivational fee’l about it and about the project said:

“Good work that can contribute to a longer term outcomes as well as some expectation of quick wins too”

Attached: 1) PCSO Laura Mancicius, Matthew Ellis (Staffordshire Police Commissioner), Paul Mobberley (teacher) with Year 6 pupils Matthew, Amber, Katie, Connor, Kacper, Shaun (L-R)
2) Mr Ellis with (L-R) Kacper, Connor, Katie, Shaun, Matthew, Amber