International Primary Curriculum

What is IPC?

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning.

Each IPC unit has a clear learning cycle as shown below. Both the Entry Point & the Exit Point are the perfect opportunity to engage parents in their children’s learning for the term.

IPC is:
  • A philosophy (what we believe)
  • A pedagogy (an approach to teaching and learning)
  • A process (which honours how children learn best in this age group)

Our philosophy, pedagogy and process are aimed at improving children’s learning.

The main I.P.C. Programme is made up from 3 mileposts.

  • Milepost 1 is taught in years 1 & 2
  • Milepost 2 is taught in Years 3 & 4
  • Milepost 3 is taught in Years 5 & 6

Each year group has a carefully planned learning journey to ensure that your child encounters the entire National Curriculum as well as engaging in activities that with promote life & social skills needed in later life.

Enquiry, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Adaptability, Cooperation, Resilience, Respect & Morality are the main personal qualities I.P.C. promotes.

The I.P.C. curriculum helps our children to develop their International Mindedness.

This means they are:

  • developing a good sense of identity
  • are open-minded and adaptable
  • respectful of other cultures and beliefs
  • are aware of and celebrates similarity and diversity
  • are a good communicator
  • are respectful of the ideas and opinions of others
  • taking an interest in global issues

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