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Arts Week @ Ingestre Hall

One week to go until some of our Year 3,4 & 5 children head to Ingestre

Tuesday 3rd May sees the start of a new Redhill venture. We are taking children for a week of dance, music & art.
Miss Freeman will be leading the week where our students will have access to state of the art resources.
Parents of the children are invited to watch their performance on Friday 6th May.
More information available from the school office or Miss Freeman if you were unable to attend the parents’ meeting last week.

Click here to see ‘Ingestre Arts’ link

Update: 3rd May 2016:
All of the children left full of excitement this morning. Having arrived at Ingestre they were quickly put to work – the first task was to make their own bed. However for one child the task of carrying the suitcase upstairs proved a challenge! (We think there might have been a stowaway inside).
After a day of workshops the children relaxed in the evening with a 3D film night in their pyjamas.

4th May 2016:
Everyone had a lovely night’s sleep & were up early eager to start the day. Mrs Banks was most impressed when she did the room inspection. All enjoyed at good breakfast & were ready to engage in more fun & learning.

WOW – what a day. All of the children took part in an exhibition of their first workshops this afternoon. From art in the style of Marc, performing a song they had written about putting their differences aside to an expression of their emotions through dance. Very moving performances!

All of this followed by an evening of games & even a chance to try life in a World War I hospital. CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!