Home Learning


Please complete the work set by your teacher.

If you have completed this, there are extra resources here based on your Key Stage.

KS1 SPaG Games
KS2 SPaG Games
EYFS Writing
KS1 Writing
KS2 Writing


Follow the links to find maths based games.
TT Rock Stars
Tackling Tables
Maths is Fun

Reading and Phonics

Try to read for 30 minutes a day
AR Quiz
Read Write Inc


• Interview a member of your family about music from their childhood
• Learn a new song
• Write lyrics to a new song
• Be creative and play a song using household items
• Listen to a classical piece of music

BBC Bitesize


Learn about bugs and disease

• Make a poster
• Create a news report and film it



  • Click on the link below to open Google Earth
  • Have a look at the different parts of Google Earth – explore!
  • Press the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ tab (4th down on the left hand side) to visit random places around the world
  • Find the physical features (features that are formed by the Earth – mountains, rivers, cliffs etc.) of where you land
  • Find the human features (features of the Earth that are made by humans – roads, bridges, houses etc.)
  • Look at the following locations: London, Brighton, Malta, Auckland, St Lucia, Canberra and the Isle of Mann. Take screen shots of what you find.
  • Create a Geography diary of what you find as an explorer of Google Earth.

To zoom in or out use the + and – buttons
Use the ‘person’ icon (from the bottom right of the screen) to enter street view, click and hold the person and drag it above the map. The blue lines tell you where you can drop the person. Let go of the button when you have decided where to drop it. To leave ‘street view' press the back icon in the top left hand corner. Use the arrows to move along the street. Can you find somewhere you know?

Google Earth


  • Interview a member of your family – use facetime or a phone call
  • Ask them about a time in their lives that was monumental in History
  • Ask them about how technology has changed in their lifetime
  • Create a non-chronological page or a fact file to show what you have learnt
KS1 History
KS2 History


• Using your home learning packs, please follow the link and complete the activity suggested.

• Learn French (or another language) using the Duolingo app.

BBC Bitesize


Ben Rothery - animal illustrations to colour in

  • Save one of the images to colour in yourself
  • Sketch out the image each day

Draw with Rob Biddulph

  • Follow along as Rob shows you how to draw fun characters

BBC Bitesize

  • KS1 and KS2 activities
BBC Bitesize
Ben Rothery
Draw with Rob


Healthy Bodies = Healthy Minds

Joe Wicks

  • Follow the link below for the 5 minute warm ups - great for a break from study
  • Create your own 5 minute workout
  • Change the different exercises to your own

Indoor games for rainy days

  • Work your way down the different activities
  • Post an image or video to Class Dojo showing your activity!
Joe Wicks
Indoor games


Log on to Purple Mash and have a go at any of the activities you like
Purple Mash
Never Give Up
Love Learning
Equality & Fairness