Food Bank

Food Bank Collection

The food bank are a charity based service who provide families with emergency food when they are in crisis by ensuring they have at least 3 days worth of nutritional and balanced food. This project is currently funded by local churches and community groups but also take food or money donations from the public.

They believe that nobody should go hungry and neither do we so the School Council children and myself decided to help. We created posters to ask others at Redhill to donate food items including pasta, tins, rice etc. Children and parents, as always, were more than happy to help and we gathered bags full of items!

We also thought it would be a good idea to support parents and children in need, as it was Christmas time, by donating some toys we don’t want or need anymore. Again, parents and children of Redhill were more than happy to give.

As the school council, we would like to thank everyone who donated their items and appreciate your continued support.

If you would like to donate further or even give your time by volunteering, please visit their website