Flowers & Insects

Flowers & Insects in Year 1

This term, the children in Year 1 are studying “Flowers and Insects” for their topic. The children have been learning about what flowers and plants need to help them to grow. They have each planted crocus, tulip and daffodil bulbs into deep plant pots and are excitedly waiting for spring, when they will watch them grow into beautiful flowers… Meanwhile, they have planted pretty pansies and take it in turns to water the flowers every day to help them to thrive. We are hoping to see some insect visitors on our flowers – so the children are keeping a keen look out for bees and butterflies!

The children are also conducting a science experiment to try to find out the best way to grow Mung beans. Each child has placed their beans on a bed of cotton wool in a clear, open container and some have added water but some children are keeping theirs dry. Some of the containers of Mung beans have been placed on a sunny windowsill, some in a dark cupboard and some in a cool fridge and the children are checking them every day to discover which beans are growing! We will let you know the results when we find out!