PSHE Y5 Flour Babies

How well can you look after a Flour Baby?

As part of our Jigsaw project ‘How our Bodies Change’ and our IPC theme ‘Shaping Up’, year 5 have created their own Flour Babies.
Flour babies are designed to give the children responsibility and accountability for something they have created. Each individual flour baby has its own personal name, baby face and personality, all created by the children.
The experience of creating their own baby gave the children ownership of this project, whilst being enjoyable and productive. The children dressed and animated their babies, for which they are responsible for the rest of the academic year. Children are encouraged to take them home, where they can read them a bedtime story, rock them to sleep, sing them a lullaby and integrate them into their daily life.
The children have created nappies and a blanket to keep them warm; other items of clothing can also be made for homework. The aim of the project is to keep the baby from bursting.
Good luck year 5