Flames Aren’t Games

Flames aren’t Games

Each Tuesday afternoon this term Years 5 and 6 have been working with PCSO Laura Mancicius on a series of citizenship themes including E safety, anti social behaviour and bullying. This week Laura was accompanied by Firefighter Dave Small who did a presentation called Flames aren’t Games.
Dave, who is a retained foreman at Cannock and Codsall, taught the children how quickly a fire can spread and the dangers that can be caused by nuisance fires that people light for ‘fun’. Each fire station in the area only has two fire engines so if one of the vehicles from Cannock is attending a nuisance fire and a real emergency occurs it may have to be dealt with by crew from Rugeley, Penkridge or Stafford wasting valuable time and putting lives at risk.
Dave also explained the role of a firefighter and some of the situations he has dealt with. As a retained fireman when his buzzer goes of he must be on his way within 5 minutes and at the emergency within 20 minutes. He explained about safety equipment, breathing apparatus and that a house 5 can reach 5 times the temperature of an oven on full.
Everyone listened intently asked sensible questions and will certainly think twice in future when around flames.