Fun Outdoors

Early Years’ Outdoor Area gets an Autumn Revamp.

During the autumn break, the little fairies have been hard at work transforming some of the early years’ outdoor learning areas.
Here is a sneak preview of those areas…
In the Dino’s Den you can practise reading and writing those tricky words as well as digging for sounds on dinosaur bones to make your own. Improve your letter formation in the Dino waterfall; why not add some of your own writing to Dino’s Den.
In the construction area help those three little pigs to build their houses before the wolf gets them. Maybe you can use the chalk board to design a stronger house. Make sure you report to the site office for a health and safety briefing.
Visit the small world area to take you to different settings, including a farm, mini construction site and town. You could make roads to link the areas.
Then visit the music area for a jam session with your friends. Sing your favourite songs whilst play alongside exploring the sounds the instruments make.
Have you ever wondered how many different things you can measure? Use the sand and water area to explore a range of measuring tools. You could even measure time. How long will it take for the water to run down the water alley? Use the sand timers to find out.
Last but by no means least the fairies love to read and have set up home in the story garden. Enjoy reading a story to them. Flora the Fairy may even set you a challenge.