Dogs Trust Visit

Alison & Bertie came to school

Today, KS1 and Early years had a visit from the charity Dog’s Trust. The children in Year 1 and 2 learnt about how to keep safe around dogs and to BE DOG SMART. Please click the link below to see more advice on how to keep your children safe around dogs.

Nursery and Reception really enjoyed meeting Alison and her dog Bertie. They helped us to learn about taking care of our pets.
We learnt that dogs need to be fed, given a drink, taken for regular walks and kept clean and tidy. We also found out it is important that we microchip our dogs so that they don’t ever get lost. The children enjoyed brushing and using the scanner to find his micro-chip.

We will soon be raising money for the Dogs’ Trust by wearing something yellow to school and donating £1.00 to the Dogs Trust. Look out for more information coming soon.