Blackwell Adventure

Blackwell Adventure

To mark the official end of their End of Key Stage 2 SATs, our Year 6 students will be spending the day at Blackwell Adventure.
On Tuesday 17th May, our Year 6 students will be letting off steam at Blackwell Adventure.
Blackwell is a leading Outdoor Activity, Camping and Residential Centre in the Midlands. It has a wide range of exhilarating activities such as; climbing wall, archery, zip wire & lots of team building & problem solving.

With indoor and outdoor archery ranges, they will learn how to shoot arrows at the targets provided. Once hitting the target we will work on developing that skill.

Blackwell has fantastic zip wires which are a real thrill to ride on. It will help overcome a fear of heights as well as travelling at high speed of up to 40 mph. Once at the bottom you will be lowered to the ground, ably assisted by one of their staff.

Blackwell’s outdoor climbing wall provides an ideal opportunity to work on co–ordination and determination as they develop your climbing skills. All participants wear harnesses and helmets and are securely fastened in and belayed whenever off the ground. They will learn how to belay their friends as well as climb themselves and is very rewarding in terms of personal accomplishment .

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